February 11th, 2011 at 3:06 am
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“Ten Glorious Seconds” tender and real

by Carol Bursack

Many of us who have loved someone with dementia have experienced what I call “moments of clarity,” during which the person who seems lost to dementia suddenly “comes back,” if only for a few seconds. I experienced several of these episodes with my dad, who had dementia due to a failed brain surgery, and they remain some of my most precious memories.

Out of nowhere, Dad would look at me with the expression he had prior to his dementia – totally comprehending his surroundings. His eyes were clear and focused. Then he’d say something profound, such as the time he said to me, “My universe has gotten so small.” These moments were just that – moments. As quickly as he’d come into clarity, he’d return to his state of dementia. There was no predicting these moments, and they didn’t happen that often, but they are moments I’ll keep with me forever, because just for a moment, I had my dad back.

An exceptional film, titled “Ten Glorious Seconds,” opens today online. The theme is similar to my moments I experienced with my dad, except that this film involves a husband and wife.

“Ten Glorious Seconds,” according to the press release “… explores the struggles of Josie, who is trying to connect with her husband Albert who is living with advanced dementia. He searches his mind to try and understand who she is. The film shows that Josie’s efforts to connect with Albert are worth it – even if it’s just for ten seconds.”

View this wonderful glimpse into the world of this married couple struggling with Alzheimer’s disease at www.tengloriousseconds.com. “Ten Glorious Seconds” was directed by the BBC’s Simon Pitt and, written by Carol Younghusband.

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