September 24th, 2010 at 12:33 pm
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It’s Never Too Late For an Eldercare Plan

by Isabel Fawcett, SPHR

If there is anything caregiving highlights, it is the need to plan. If elders and their caregivers fail to plan, we may as well count on flying by the seat of our pants. While meandering through a Sam’s Club, something immediately caught my eye. It is a hard-copy binder home organizer.

Less than $15, I knew I would never regret purchasing the colorful organizer.

Some e-age gurus may wonder why I would be interested in a hard-copy of anything in the modern age. There are e-readers, e-storage data companies, e-medical records, and more. Electronics promises to make all of our lives easier with a few clicks of a mouse. For starters, computers are hacked. God only knows how many e-hands may be privy to electronically stored data, even as Dateline NBC and other news reporting media have publicized over the years.

I am pleased with my new hard-copy binder which includes financial, auto, insurance, home, mortgage, friends contacts, and other tabs, in addition to ample storage pouches for receipts and other paper record-keeping. So pleased, that I may give the organizer to a few of my friends as a stocking-stuffer holiday gift this year.

What’s Your Eldercare Plan?

Now that this year (2010) is starting to wind down, it may a good time for anyone who is so inclined, to think about whether eldercare is controlling your life, or, whether you have a life transition plan–for yourself and your elder(s.) If you would like to be better prepared for your eldercare journey in 2011, you might start by considering at least a few things before 2010 bids us all farewell.

  • Start where you are today. Evaluate your 2010 caregiving journey thus far. Has caregiving been successful and fairly stable, or, has your elder been in and out of the hospital and/or emergency department care multiple times? If recurring hospitalizations occurred and/or your elder’s health has shown steady decline, would a skilled nursing facility, or assisted living be a safer and more practical alternative than caring at home?
  • Comparable to how paid workers are required to plan and coordinate their leave requests in advance of taking time off, with whom do you need to coordinate now, for respite care in 2011? Place the call or send the e-mail and start talking yourself through to much needed time off for yourself in 2011.
  • Examine your caregiving expenses and budget accordingly for the year ahead. Enlighten your siblings and elders regarding the considerable financial costs of eldercare.

Make 2011 the year you planned for contingencies in caregiving.

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2 Comments to “It’s Never Too Late For an Eldercare Plan”

  1. Hi, firstSTREET! Not to worry – you’re hardly alone in being attached to your computer in the e-Age. Thanks for your feedback to my blog!

    Keep smiling.


  2. firstSTREET

    Having an eldercare plan for you or your loved one is always a good idea. As you said, you don’t want to be flying by the seat of your pants for something as important as the health of yourself or family members. You make a great point about budgeting and financial planning as well.

    Although I sometimes feel like I am attached to the computer, I too write down my to-do list and appointments in a notebook. No batteries required!

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