September 29th, 2010 at 8:46 pm
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Am I Losing My “Granny Nanny”?

by Devlyn Brooks

Grandma’s talents are in demand and I just might have to fight to be at the front of the line for her child care services.

Last year, a longtime friend convinced Mom to join the Foster Grandparent program at our neighborhood elementary school. Three days a week she goes into a kindergarten class and lends a hand to teacher, doing whatever needs to be done, cutting out projects for the kids, tying shoes or even holding the occasional homesick youngster. She had so much fun and became such an integral part of the classroom that the school asked her back again this year. And now even on her off days she goes in at the end of the day to help the teacher make sure “her” kids get picked up by the right person or get on the correct bus.

And now just within the last two weeks, the pastors at our church asked Mom to take over the nursery on Sundays. As a family we attend church on Wednesdays, but Mom, God bless her traditionalist soul couldn’t accept not going on Sundays. So she went without the rest of us. Well, when the church hierarchy realized they needed someone to take over the nursery on Sundays, they figured she was the candidate because she’ll hear the sermon on Wednesday anyway. Add one more day a week she comes home smiling.

All told, Grandma spends six days per week involved with the kids at the school or our church on top of the time she spends watching her own grandchildren. Sunday, after church, I kidded her that I was going to have to start making reservations with her just so that I could be sure that my “granny nanny” still had time for us.

Seriously though, it’s incredible the difference a year makes. This time last year my Mom was miserable. She had only been with us for a few months and almost everyday she’d be left alone as we left for school and work. She was about stir crazy by the time we got home at night. Nowadays Mom has a work and social calendar that is more packed than mine. She’s on the go from morning until afternoon taking care of the community’s kids. Gone are the days that Mom was at the door waiting for us all to get home. This year I have to compare schedules with her in the morning just to make sure she still has time to watch her grandchildren. If she manages to book any more gigs watching kids, I just may be in danger of losing my “granny nanny.”

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